Death Valley National Park is my favorite National Park to photograph. Yes, I know the name is a bit ominous. However, it truly is an amazing and unique landscape to visit and photograph. The diversity of the landscape is unimaginable (Book Title:). This year, we hosted 2 back-to-back sold out photo workshops in February, and they were both FANTASTIC! While Death Valley is a rugged and dramatic landscape, nothing quite prepared us for the weather conditions we had, and this unusual weather created some of the most dramatic photo conditions I have ever experienced. Now this is saying a lot, since I spend about 3 weeks there every year. We had rain in the desert, and it was beautiful. It filled the Badwater Salt Basin with water to create reflections. The salt flats were rivers, and the moisture created clouds at both sunrise and sunset. We had wind storms too. Both workshops got to experience the morning after a windstorm. Clean, textured sand dunes with no trace of foot prints. It was beautiful! I was lucky enough to experience one of these sand storms with Parker during our scouting days where wind gusts were 50mph. The sand kicked up and rolled over the dunes, and it was miraculous! If you haven’t been to Death Valley, I hope you will consider going. We have our 2020 workshop open, and there is some space left.